DEX Or CEX Exchange
P2P Crypto Exchange
Full Node  Exchange

Safe And Fast Trading Algorithm

Trademen build with Laravel, VueJs and NodeJs ultra fasted trading algorithm allow you to have one of the fast and safe Platform. Using socket Microservices helps to trade real time.

Advanced Verification Technologies

Trademen Trading Script with Advanced Verification Technologies with KYC AML, Digital assets are secure with two-factor authentication. Available as Authenticator and SMS code methods. You can also use our ID Analyzer Api to verify KVC fully Automatics.

Unlimited Markets. Centralized Exchange.

Expand your market by adding unlimited crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs through the admin panel.

Newly added currencies will be operational immediately without requiring extra setup. Our multi-currency cryptocurrency trading exchange solutions boast an unparalleled matching engine.

All fiat currencies and ERC-20 tokens, TRC-20 tokens, BEP-20 tokens are easily can be added from the admin panel.

Our Crypto Trading Add-Ons

Here are the advanced add-ons for our cryptocurrency trading platform designed to enhance your exchange platform.
These features ensure a flexible, efficient, and scalable trading environment tailored to your needs.

  Price Delivery Time Version
Staking  $300 Instantly +4.1
Swap $200 Instantly +6.4
ICO/IDO $600  1 Day +6.1
Trading Robot $600 1 Day +4.1
OTC $400 Instantly +6.4
P2P $400 2 Day +6.9
Futures $700 2 Day +6.9
Margin $500 2 Day +6.9
Copytrading $700 3 Day +6.9

Ready with Mobile apps

Trademen released with iOS and Android Mobile Apps. Flutter app development lets you compiled: Android, IOS, PWA, Web App, Windows and MAC as we know most of you waiting for that.